The Cycle of Life…

Dear Self,

Remember today when your parents felt nostalgic, watching children perform on stage?

They were reminiscing the yesteryears when you performed and made them proud

You were their first child and apple of their eyes, the star of their world and heart of their lives

Whose childish mischief and giggly talks, could entertain them for hours on end

Whose laughter could dispel any worries they had, whose cry made them forget other problems at hand

And now…

No longer that lil’ one clinging to them, who ran to them for every childish grief

You have grown up and changed a lot, drifting away yet close at heart

They stood by you through thick and thin, through your growing years and chaotic teens

They patiently witnessed the worst of your anger, joyfully shared your triumphs and happiness

They were your rock of support- solid and strong, your safety net you could fall back on

And you….

Well you took on more roles as time went by, and started yet another cycle of life

And now sit in the audience, elated and proud, watching your little one perform on stage

But remember dear self, the cycle of life, this apple of your eye shall go through it too

Now it is your turn to be patient and kind, to stay by him for as long as you live

And as you drifted away and started anew, so will your child in this cycle of life

And then..

When it happens gradually but still so swift, there are some points to keep in mind

Do let go without holding on too tight, let him stumble and rise and experience life

But please don’t forget to watch his back with manifold prayers and sincere love

And be there as a safety net of support and encouragement to fall back on..

As your parents have always been there for you and continue to be there to this very day…

Yours sincerely!


First blog post

My first blog post,

let me start with a prayer…

A prayer of Hope

A prayer for Peace

A prayer to help see past differences and identities

A prayer that we rediscover tolerance and similarities

A prayer to help restore humaneness in humanity

A prayer that we relearn unity in diversity!

Let’s realize the uniqueness in all.. Let’s not assume uniformity is the rule..

Let’s overcome evil with good… Let’s defeat hatred with love..

Let’s willingly agree.. to peacefully disagree

Yes, thats it, let’s agree to disagree!