Its been on the back of my mind for a considerable amount of time now…to record my thoughts…again.

After throwing away/loosing many childhood diaries and random thoughts and inspirations scribbled in various books (not to mention my deplorable handwriting which contributed to the overall messy recording of my evolving thoughts!), I have been thinking about an online blog…a much more organized form of recording my thoughts- on thought provoking and inspirational messages/lectures I find worth sharing, on extraordinary people living ordinary lives, on precious memories, on beautiful yet simple moments in life, on spirituality and my beliefs, on my advise to self, on my internal dialogues and conflicts, on the not so good experiences which may prove to be a valuable learning lesson in retrospection… basically on anything under or over the sun which I feel is worth recording!

This blog is also to remind me that nothing is constant, including my thoughts and opinions and I am not put in this world to judge others. To remind me to let go of my ego, accept my mistakes and remain humble. To remind me to find beauty in imperfection while trying to better myself as an individual. To remind me to be ever grateful for the innumerable blessings bestowed on me and my loved ones. To remind me about the bigger picture of life… to remind me that no matter how high I soar in this life… my ultimate destination in this world …is below six feet of sand.

And if anyone benefits from anything I write and share in anyway…I praise and thank Almighty for giving me the opportunity to be of help through the skills He has endowed in me.